For some, the only way to survive is to break all the rules

With the unpredictability of her work as a freelance photographer, Kady Swann knows what itís like to struggle to survive. Just as she finds herself down to the wire on her rent and fending off the overzealous reconciliation attempts of an alcoholic ex-boyfriend, an unexpected discovery through the lens of her camera makes every mundane, day-to-day struggle in her life seem trivial. When the criminal she catches in the act turns his head in her direction and sees her taking his picture, she finds herself drawn into a secret world where the lines between right and wrong are blurred and those with the best intentions have to lie, cheat and steal just to survive. She soon discovers that the most ruthless kind of evil is one of us, and that the truest form of humanity is found in a man whose only purpose is to break the law.

"A Shot in the Dark" is a new novel by Jayleigh Cape. Packed with cliffhangers that keep the pages turning, it is a venture into the modern-day suspense genre with an unexpected twist.