About the Author

Jayleigh Cape

Jayleigh Cape lives on a little island off the coast of Virginia, surrounded by the serenity of water and the charm of a small fishing village community. With an eye for visual detail, she has been a professional graphic designer for years, but her first love is writing and she has been doing it most of her life.

Though she has written four books and countless short stories, essays and poetry, "A Shot in the Dark" is Jayleigh's first venture into publication. She is currently working on the novel's as-yet-untitled sequel and plans to publish both a collection of short stories and a collection of poetry in the near future. Keep an eye out for additional titles added to her published works.

Still want to know more? Visit her blog. That's where you'll find her day-to-day musings, ramblings, and observations as well as any insights she cares to devulge on the new book, sequel to "A Shot in the Dark", that is already in the works.